In the Summer Term, Year 3 pupils take part in the Shropshire Council “Stepping Out” scheme which equips the children with the skills for walking safely around town.

In the Summer Term, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are provided with the opportunity to take part in Shropshire Councils “Bikeability” scheme. This is a 2 day course teaching the children all aspects of safety when riding their bikes on the highways.

Younger pupils have taken part in a Scootability course on the playground learning how to handle their scooter safely.

In the Summer Term, year 6 pupils attend a local secondary school to learn about life skills and making the right choices in difficult situations as part of the PSHE curriculum. This is via the “Crucial Crew” programme which is run by volunteers and includes inputs from public sector services such as police and fire brigade. Topics covered include cigarettes, alcohol, bullying, internet safety and phone safety.

As part of the School Council there is a Safer Routes Committee who actively promote safer walking and biking to school. They meet once a term with other Primary Schools, local councillors, the police and the active travel road safety officer to discuss any safety issues.

We take part in Walk to School week in May.

Useful links: (for interactive safety games)