Policies & Documents

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Filename Size Date
Accessibility Plan 2022.pdf 125.0KB 18/07/2023
Allegations of Abuse Against Staff Policy 2021 (1).pdf 139.7KB 18/07/2023
Behaviour Principles Written Statement.pdf 227.4KB 18/07/2023
Charging and Remissions Policy .pdf 176.8KB 18/07/2023
Collective Worship Policy 2020.pdf 108.2KB 18/07/2023
Complaints Policy (1).pdf 296.0KB 18/07/2023
Equality Information & Objectives Statement (1).pdf 227.4KB 18/07/2023
Evidencing-the-Impact-of-the-Primary-PE-and-Sport-Premium... 605.2KB 18/07/2023
EYFS Policy 2022.pdf 122.0KB 18/07/2023
First Aid Policy - Spring 2022.pdf 167.7KB 18/07/2023
Information Report - October 2022.pdf 320.7KB 18/07/2023
KCSiE-Whistleblowing-Policy-for-Schools-2021 (1).pdf 244.8KB 18/07/2023
LAC Policy 2021.pdf 237.2KB 18/07/2023
Pupil Premium 2021 2022 3 years.pdf 104.0KB 18/07/2023
RSE Policy - Spring 2022.pdf 373.3KB 18/07/2023
Safeguarding-and-Child-Protection-Policy-Sept-2022 SJRC.pdf 753.1KB 18/07/2023
SEMH policy 2022.pdf 311.0KB 18/07/2023
Supporting_Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2021.pdf 333.3KB 18/07/2023
Suspension & Exclusion Policy (1).pdf 272.5KB 18/07/2023
Pupil Premium 2022-23 3 years.pdf 129.8KB 18/07/2023
Privacy Notice.pdf 132.9KB 18/07/2023
Anti-Bullying Policy - child friendly - Summer 2022.pdf 136.1KB 18/07/2023
Anti-Bullying Policy .pdf 134.5KB 18/07/2023
Separated Parents Policy.pdf 262.4KB 11/09/2023
Behaviour Policy .pdf 254.2KB 25/09/2023
information-report-october-2022.pdf 320.7KB 07/11/2023
SEND policy 2022.pdf 270.3KB 07/11/2023
Religious Education - Policy 2023[19].pdf 360.6KB 20/11/2023

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