Phonics Programme and Reading Scheme

The teaching of Phonics through Letters and Sounds commences in Reception. The Reading Scheme is organised in relation to the Phonic phases. Reading books are linked to the phonic phases with the main scheme being Bug Club (Phonics Programme and Reading scheme) supplemented with other schemes linked to the phases. Books are colour coded according to the phonic phases. After Phase Five the colour coding continues using the Book Banding system related to reading ages.

Year 2-6 follow the ‘Pathways to Read’ programme which is closely link to ‘Pathways to Write’ and links creatively to the wider Curriculum. ‘The Pathways to Read’ programme uses a flexible combination of whole class and grouped reading sessions, which incorporates the progressive development of reading and comprehension skills through the mastery approach.

Each classroom has a library or reading corner (EYFS) these areas have a range of texts that are age appropriate for that year group, with an emphasis on a range of authors in KS2. Each year group has an opportunity to make book recommendations and present this to their class, which sparks interest and motivation to read a range of texts with varying themes for all our pupils.


Pupils in Reception Class start to learn the joins for the cursive script.
We aim to use a joined cursive handwriting script from Year 1.
We have recently updated our Handwriting scheme and now use a published scheme across school.