We have recently launched ‘myHappymind’ across school. myHappymind teaches children how their brain works and supports them in developing positive skills and habits to be their very best selves!

Through a series of assemblies and lessons, the children are taught preventative habits that support positive mental health, resilience and self-esteem.
The myHappymind assemblies and lessons help the children to:

  • Feel happier.
  • Know what to do when they feel worried or stressed.
  • Improve their focus and learn more.
  • Achieve more of the goals that they set for themselves.
  • Develop better relationships with friends and families.
  • Feel great about who they are and have positive self-esteem.


Separating Better

Separating better is a free app for separating parents to help you self-manage your separation. It has practical tools to help with budgeting and legal arrangements. You can use it to create a personalised parenting plan to make co-parenting arrangements that work for your children.



Shropshire Mental Health Services

Shropshire MHS provides a wide range of quality services across the county for the families, who are affected by mental and emotional distress. 

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Kooth provides judgement-free support and mental health and wellbeing activities for children over the age of 11. 

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